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There are many types of immigration programs in Canada, based on your personal circumstances (age, marital status, work experience, education and language, etc.) we will evaluate your immigration score and find an immigration program that suits you best.

Recommend the most suitable program

Tailor-made for you to create an exclusive immigration proposal. We will make professional and exclusive immigration advice based on the applicant's personal situation. Based on the applicant's background and professional skills, we will suggest the most suitable immigration path based on our in-depth understanding of the applicant.

 Professional guidance

Help you start your immigration application. Based on the immigration proposal most suitable for the applicant, we will guide and help the applicant complete the preparation work required for the immigration project. For example: How to improve the language score, how to find a satisfactory job that meets the requirements and how to complete the certification (ECA).

Handling of immigration cases

Ensure the smooth progress of the  immigration applications. In the entire process of handling immigration services, we will assign a dedicated consultant to each applicant, who will follow up all immigration procedures and steps until the applicant obtains permanent residency status.

 Landing and Settlement

Our service will not stop. After the applicant has obtained immigration status, we have a dedicated team to help the applicant settle and start a new life in Canada. We can provide services in various aspects such as residential real estate, commercial real estate, investment, law, wealth management, and insurance.

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