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Work Permit after Graduation

After graduating from studying in Canada, international students can apply for a 1-3 year post-graduation work permit according to their study time.

This is an open work visa. International students can work for any employer or self-employed.


Applicants can only get a post-graduation work permit once. If the work permit is used up and the immigration is not successful, they will no longer meet the requirements of the post-graduation work permit after continuing to study in other projects.


special reminder*

Only full-time study meets the requirements for a post-graduation work permit. The only exception is that the applicant has only the last semester and has to switch to Part-time study due to insufficient course selection. Part-time study may be rejected if it is due to subjective factors (study suspension, missed courses, deliberate insufficient course selection).


Internal Dispatch Work Permit for Multinational Companies


1. The applicant will be dispatched to a Canadian company to serve as an executive or a special technical position
2. The applicant has at least one full-time continuous work experience in the last three years
3. The relationship between the newly established Canadian company and the existing foreign company is clear
4. Must have a reasonable business operation plan
5. Must provide the economic capacity to satisfy the operation

The first issue of work visa is 1 year, can be renew up to 7 years

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