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The role of LMIA:


1. Applicants can directly apply for work permits with LMIA approval


2. LMIA can help applicants get in the Federal Fast Track scoring system with an additional 50 or 200 points bonus


LMIA ( Labour Market Impact Assessment) is an assessment report made by the Canadian labor department to judge whether the employer has the need and ability to hire foreigners. LMIA is an application submitted by the employer, Canada

If employers need to recruit temporary foreign workers, they must first apply for employment

If the LMIA application submitted by the development department is approved, it can assist the temporary foreign worker to apply for a work visa so that he can come to Canada to work for the employer.

SYB immigration handles an average of 100 LMIA applications each year, with a pass rate of 99%. The consultant has rich experience in handling various job applications.

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