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"SYB Immigration" is a professional immigration company that helps you through the immigration process. Our team is composed of professionals in various fields, and provides high-quality services in all aspects, you will be serviced by knowledgeable consultants with years of professional experience. 


Advantages of becoming a permanent resident of Canada:

Permanent residents have the right to live, work or study anywhere in Canada, even if they are provincially nominated applicants,

  • Enjoy the benefits that most Canadian citizens do, such as free medical care,

  • Children enjoy free education from preschool to high school,

  • After satisfying the condition of living in Canada for 3 years within a 5 years period, permanent residentscan apply.

  • Permanent residents are protected by Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Our team has more than 20 years of immigration service experience, and can provide a variety of immigration services including investment immigration, employer immigration, foreign labor evaluation (LMIA), provincial and federal immigration. Our team also includes lawyer partners from well-known law firms for a century. Not only do we have over  ten years of investment immigration service experience, but we also have extensive legal service experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, financing, cooperative operations and joint ventures. SYB immigration can help you expand your business in Canada. In addition, our team can  provide a full package of services such as commercial real estate and residential transactions, project risk prevention and control, foreign exchange, accounting, and overall international asset planning in China and Canada to ensure that you can smoothly start work and life in Canada.


We pride ourselves in the quality of our services, value integrity as our core principle, and tailor made an immigration plan that is most suitable for you!

Our services:

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